Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Black Widow Rock Corsham! - 2nd September 2012

You know it's true....not all at once though...it's not the age it's the mileage.

Last Sunday was the Great Corsham Rock Extravaganza for the British Heart Foundation and we rocked!  This was our second gig in 2 weeks and we were ready.  Our warm up gig was more of a success for the viewer than for us up on stage.  We thought we were shit but the video suggested otherwise.  This time however we felt great on stage and judging by the noise the packed house were making they felt great as well.


We even look like a proper rock band in these photo's.  Fortunately there were no surprises on the day and everything went smoothly.  Well, I say no surprises...it was nice to see some new friends make the journey.  What is it about 6ft rock chicks in knee length boots standing on the furniture dancing?  Everything...it is everything about them.  Need a shower thinking about it....wonder if she needs a drummer?

This is for 6ft Polecat Valkyrie Warrior Maidens. 


And I have just seen this!!!!  V for Vendetta is in my all time top 5 films and the Disturbed's version of the song is much better than Genesis's.  This is well worth a watch.


Hoping to have BW video on soon!

More to follow, incomplete post.

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