Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ill, Guitars and Gigs - May 2012

Firstly, let me introduce you to our band  Black Widow.

Left to Right:  Si - Bass. Joolz - Guitars and Vocals.  Charmaigne - Vocals.  Rat - Drums.  Ga - Sound Engineer.

Had practise last night and boy are we good!  Never been able to say that about a band I have played in before but I can say it now.  Come and see us!  First gig is at The Pilot Pub, Bowerhill, Melksham, 20 June.  This is a simple mid-week warm up gig so it will be very informal.  We need to prove our PA and other stage issues before we start to charge real money and join the local music circuit.

We have worked hard in the last few months and the results are just starting to emerge.  Firstly we are getting tighter.  Si and I definitely have an affinity and I look for his bass groves and he looks for my drum chops - works well.  Joolz, our axeman is a real innovator.  He uses a synth with his guitar to make some of our song really come alive and honour the original.  Charmaigne is simply incredible.  We recorded ourselves last night for the first time (and I will be posting some songs soon) and when you get close up and personal with her vocal track you really hear the quality.  Yup, we can play.

First Set List:

Lil' Devil  (The Cult)
Get it On   (T Rex)
Kids in America  (Kim Wilde)
All in my Head  (Kosheen)
Rockin' in the Free World   (Neil Young)
Dreams   (Cranberries)
White Wedding   (Billy Idol)
Vertigo   (U2)
Creep   (Radiohead)
Tainted Love   (Scorpions)

Second Set List:

Pretty Vacant   (Sex Pistols)
99 Red Balloons   (Nena)
Inside   (Stiltskin)
Nutbush City Limits   (Tina Turner)
Touch Too Much   (AC/DC)
My Medicine   (The Pretty Reckless)
What's Up   (4 Non Blonds)
Rolling in the Deep   (Adele)
She Sells Sanctuary   (The Cult)

We are trying to be a contemporary rock band.  Gone are the classic anthems (well most of them) that are played time and again by bands at our level and in are some modern chart hits.  The set will develop as we do but we are getting more ambitious.  Good, good, good.  Next to the studio to make our demo disc!  Such fun.

Last post was all about modifying my bass guitar and what I had planned for it.  The following is what happened:

The ingredients:

The Raw Material:

Surgery Commenced:

The lower part of the Faraday Cage installed in copper (but not earthed yet).

And the Upper Part (foil covered scratch plate)

The new electrics on the left and the old on the right.  Note the size of the gen Fender yank pots.  Also the super powerful Seymour Duncan "Hotrails" pick up.

Screw it all together:

String it, add a silly strap with Schaller "never drop" strap fixings and love it!

As for the sound...?  It's awesome.  Very lusty and works very well with my Ashdown 180 Electric Blue amp.  I'm doing Si's Fender Jazz Bass next week!

Whilst we are on the subject of guitars......  It's my birthday soon and I'm due a few bob from my previous employer - bastards made me (and others) take them to the European Court of Justice though!  Anyway, I'm spending a lot of time at home at the moment due to the fact I'm very ill and can't get out very often.  Soooo I bought this as well.

2xSeymore Duncan P90 pick ups, 22 fret, Squier Custom Telecaster Mk2.  Gonna do the custom shop thing on it and add a 4 position switch.  Looks lovely!  Sounds amazing through a Fender Mustang3 amp.

Last Saturday Joolz, Ga and Charlie (young singer guitarist we know) and myself popped into town to see Micheal Schenker at the Shephards Bush Empire and very nice it was to.  I was totally wankered on pain killers, a couple of beers etc.  Don't remember much but I went and I came home again!  Oh, and I had a chat with Herman Rarebell the Scorpions drummer and he signed my ticket!  Another item for my office wall... 

A busy post this one and it deserves a busy little tune to finish off.  Given this weeks events it had to be this...