Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Well this is all Well and Good BUT!!!!!! - Jan 2012

Well this is all well and good.  I'm sitting in a lovely home, money in the bank and I've been offered and accepted a well paid part time job back in a suit.  In many respects however my position since my European tour last year has not changed.  I'm single again.  I'm a little bored again and the sap is rising as the days get longer.  I've got itchy feet and the Spring is coming.

I've just finished waking my fuck off Kawasaki ZX9R up from it's winter slumber and it is faster and quicker to stop than it was last year and it is sitting outside my back door looking like a caged tiger.  The band has it's first gig on Saturday and everyone is very excited and I'm really looking forward to it.  Again, there is still something missing however.  I'm so lazy that I need something to inspire me or I simply do nothing!

I'm back full time training.  3 weeks in now and my body is responding very strongly and my ab routine is already better than when I peaked early last Summer.  As for my upper body my arms are good but, as ever, my shoulders are painful and I'm very much trying to keep them loose rather than develop them.  As for swimming; I'm back in the pool and starting off with a lowly 20 lengths of meaningful front crawl and side stroke.  All well regarding the fitness then but what do you get fit for?  For me it is not the vanity it is for the confidence to take a project on and know I have the body to finish it.  I have nothing better to do...

So what is the point I am trying to make with this post?  Firstly, I think I am so much a "single" bloke that I don't know if I could be any other way now - that kind of renders me unemployable as a boyfriend!  Secondly, "normal" life just does not interest me one little bit - it is a means to an end only!  Thirdly, if i sit in these beautiful surroundings for too long I will forget my life aims.  These are to live a healthy, worthwhile and interesting life always hoping to walk quietly over life hoping it will walk quietly over me.

So......2012......what's the plan?  Spring is the best time to travel.  Generally the northern hemisphere is cooler than the raging summer and mostly children free.  This means hotels are cheaper, camp sites roomier and the people you meet more relaxed.  The thought of where comes to mind and so far I have 3 options:  First;  USA by train.  Second;  India by train and foot.  Thirdly;  East Europe by motorbike - (Moscow?).

Remember this?:

I'm starting to forget!

I have constraints.  I cannot spend as much money as I did last year.  I'm not as fit as I was last year (yet).  My disabling condition is not worse but is different than it was a year ago - I need to learn how to work around it again.  Finally, my house will be empty as I no longer have a lodger to look after my primary asset should I go away for months.  So whatever I choose it has to be cheap and for no longer than a month and still be memorable.

I really like the Europe by bike option.  I may have some company for the first leg too.  Fart, bless I'm, has said he fancies giving his excellent Triumph Speed Triple a leg stretch and this machine is fully up to 130+ speeds for a prolonged time and therefore no hold ups.  Also this remarkable man has the hard wired determination to ignore hardships like sleep deprivation, pain and sleeping by the side of the road.  He can't tolerate 24hrs without a pint though, but I see this as a strength!

That is what I'm planning for then - a road trip, on the fuel frugal and toll friendly bike, camping across Europe.  If I could get to Norway I could run along the southern Scandinavian coast line and take the new, insanely long bridge to Denmark and make my way via St Petersberg to Moscow.  The further east I go the cheaper it becomes but the spectre of bike theft in such countries is omnipresent and walking in bike boots doesn't work....

Anyway, love to all everywhere and especially to all those in Poole - sorry.  A very predictable music link this post and it needs no introduction.