Monday, 27 February 2012

Can't wait for the Spring to start! Jan/Feb 2012

Another low key post I'm afraid..  Firstly the band..  After a much hurried but ultimately successful first gig The Cosmonauts have done nothing until this weekend.  My comrades and I have selected a second set list however and listening to these songs as I write I can tell you that they are an excellent and modern group of pop/rock/alternative songs that I could not have come up with myself.  The Cosmonauts are an interesting mix of people.  We are a mixture of the the solid, the slightly loopy, the excellent, the flawed and the don't really care - and we all share these attributes from time to time!  One thing that has came from it is for the first time I am working with another to develop original material.  Our lead guitarist is a very meticulous man and understands music.  I can't write poetry but I'm sure Joolz my man will make it right!

The bike is nearly done but still needs some major surgery if it is to go anything like inter continental distances in the future.  With new headstock bearings she will be electric on the road and I can't wait for the roads to get warm and sticky so this old man can once again try to kill himself in the most spectacular fashion possible - but that is the summers fun!

Fitness is going really well - no injuries!  Starting to break my old records now but not in the pool.  Here i'm far too lazy.  Whilst my last swim was over a kilometre I don't do this regularly enough but I'm trying to be careful and that means patience and control.  Whilst I'm learning the value of these necessary disciplines as I get older it is still very much against the grain.  I still want it all and I still want it now but my mind increasingly trumps my heart and this is welcome when the setting was far to far the other way in the past.  What does this all mean?  Basically I am getting incredibly fussy - especially with romance.  I know my worth and I know that being hurt or hurting someone else is worse than being alone.  So until an experienced, truthful, intelligent, optimistic, woman who exists in the real world comes along I'm very content to stay single.  I suppose you could sum it all up in the statement:  I don't really need anyone but of course I really do!

I've still got loads of decorating to do but that can wait for the Spring.  Given my work commitments it looks like I may have to delay my trip abroad this Spring anyway.  That's ok though; there is plenty of time and I may just get in a quick fortnight or so somewhere close just to keep me ticking over.  Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I always have to have something a little bit more than a good Friday night on the piss to look forward to.  Getting pissed is fine but doing something big really focuses the mind and inspires me to be better than I was yesterday.  Let's hope it always will.

So I could dip out in the Spring but the Summer is filling up nicely.  As well as the mandatory trip to France I will be working the Larmer Tree and Village Pump music festivals this year (at least).  I will be selling guitar shaped fine furniture again and I'm really looking forward to seeing the other traders again and hear their various stories of the long, dark winter.  Not that I will remember much of the tales in truth.  Music festivals...you know what they are like!!!

So to end this very boring blog entry it is music time.  Here is a song from our set list.  As you are aware I only give links to bands that I have actually seen live.  This is an exception as this song I have not seen played live but I have played it live so I guess it counts.  The lyrics are great and it is my blog and I can do what I want.  So there :p


And here is another from our set list - we do this one very well indeed, even if I say so myself!